Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a page (finally)

More on this over at Simple Aussie Girls. I don't like to repeat myself, so pop over there and see why this page annoys the by-jingoes (this is a G rated blog, after all!) out of me.



  1. You are too ahrd on yourself - it's a great page and I love the colours ... I think double pages are always hard to do!

  2. Sorry .. it would be good if I could spell ... hard ....

  3. I agree Amy but looking hard at it and tryng to see why you feel this way...casue im a friend and when something annoys us we need to help each other out :)
    Maybe the cirlces under the photos are a bit distracting...your is drawn to them a bit and away from the photo...maybe..xx

  4. Don't mind the page at all! Love 'by-jingoes.


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