Saturday, August 6, 2011

they sneak up so quickly

birthdays. And I'm not even talking about my own, which has become a number-less birthday. Its a pity the kids haven't read that memo.

Anyhow, due to my idiocy and non-planning when it came to the birth dates of my children, my two youngest have birthdays two weeks (and two years) apart. Which makes birthday gift shopping somewhat interesting, although as the middle is a girl and the little is a boy, this makes the gift choosing a bit easier.

The soon to be 7 year old girl has requested a "DS please mum, like Kate" and as I actually foresaw this happening, bought two of 'em back when I found a great sale on them.

And while that is a big ticket gift, when you are seven, just one small present is a bit....sad. Of course I have a couple of other little standard gift things (you know, the usual kiddy make-up, and a book) I have been at a loss.

Then I saw these:

babGeisha Girl babushka's. I reckon she will love them.

Well, her mother does. And that is what counts isn't it?!


  1. Shopping complete her for tomorrow :)

  2. Yep, good choice, someone received something like this for Christmas down here.

  3. OHHH I LOVE these! Kyra would love them too for her birthday coming up on the 24th. s this an ebay find also?


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