Wednesday, August 17, 2011

its gone into shock

my poor sewing machine!

IMG_9214 Not actually what I really planned to make, but turned out handily non-the-less. Another failure  - or two - that at least are still useful! (like most of my projects, the intended purpose has to be adjusted due to lack of cleverness or sewing skill on my part!)


IMG_9212  IMG_9205

The spotty phone pouch was actually the pink and brown one on the right, until I turned it inside out...I do love the paler fabric, but my phone fits so much better into the inside out version!


And I love the lining of the one that ended up being the perfect size for my little handbag camera. Tis a pity that some of the seams don't line up, but my camera doesn't care, and its a bit 'o pretty for my bag.

I've got a couple of other things to share - I told you my sewing machine has gone into shock! but I have to wait for my lovely friend Juliane to let me know when she gets them in the mail - I don't want to spoil the surprise...(the same one that said - no pressure - but I have your blog as my home page!)

Over at Simple Aussie Girls we are sharing our Week In The Live albums, so do pop over and check them out. Love each variation, and seeing a bit of everyone's different everyday-ness. Very cool.


  1. Absolutely LOVE them ... really sensational! You are such a clever lady :-)

  2. Drooling here ... What a great idea to male a bag for the camera - I've got an unwieldy bought one and had never thought of trying to make my own. I love that brown and green and pink ... superb!

  3. I need to find my sewing room!!!


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