Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday afternoon

The kids were outside, playing for the best part of the day yesterday - it really was a lovely sunny, not overly hot, day. They came and went for food, watched a movie, and then ran out again. Late in the afternoon  they came to me:  "MUM! come and look at what we did!"

I have to say, they had me in fits of laughter:

IMG_9227And yes, that would be the boy, with his "whip".....

IMG_9230urging his steeds to greater speed. Can't see quite what they are doing? Hang on a sec...

IMG_9235Two bikes, connected with lead ropes pilfered from the shed, and tied to the little old red wagon. Now, of course I could comment on the reasoning and thought process behind this activity, and how well they worked together to make it all come together, and how the girls must work as a team to pull the wagon and share the load...but mostly it just cracks me up. Especially with the boy yelling "yah yah" and waving his stick, as they peddle off around the paddock and down the back road (a whole other ,concerning topic is his role!)

IMG_9238IMG_9241I do fear for the longevity of the little red wagon, it does seem to be buckling in the back legs. It hasn't had an overly easy life, and its owner/s aren't as light as they used to be! 

I was reading a friends blog and commented on her dream for more/better things, and added my own dream of a slight change in lifestyle and circumstances...but this is a great reminder to be happy with what you've got, where you are right now.  

I think the kids had a great day yesterday, and so did I.


  1. Yah yah! Brings back childhood memories!

  2. These photos really highlight the city and country divide Sharon, there is no way this would go on in the suburban streets and our kids miss out on a lot of fun because of that!Luckily my two have lots of paddocks to run around in when they visit their Granny and Pop, I'm glad they get to have moments like that even if it is not all that often.

  3. Oh that is brilliant well done to the three of them for devising such a grand game.

  4. MAN, you have some AWESOME photo opportunity backdrops there. Suburbia just isn't the same as what you have. Don't be dreaming of anywhere different. I would go NUTS running around from thing to thing with camera in hand if I was there going "look! look! Oh look here! ooo go over there!" And nice light, too!

  5. Just love their ingenuity Sharon. We're really going to have to get these kids together someday in the future. They'd have an absolute ball.
    Of course I can envisage grazed knees and elbows for your young fellow, even the girls could quite easily be toppled I could imagine. But that's life I guess.
    Our team recently hooked up a large piece of ply to the back of the quad and proceeded to drag each other around the house paddock. I couldn't see the harm, with them remaining in low range. Unfortunately Dad came home, blew a gasket, thinking it far too dangerous a pursuit and put a stop to all such frivolity.
    Anything that encourages outdoor activity is good in my book.
    Great pics.


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