Friday, August 12, 2011

following through

Remember this post just a few days ago? well I got my act together and actually MADE it. Instead of just finding the tutorial and pinning it! ;-)

Meet Owlee (I just know that will be the original name it will be given, and she is clearly a girl) who is waiting, hiding, for a little girls' birthday in about 15 more sleeps. Not that she is counting or anything.


I think she might need a touch more stuffing, and needs her bottom sewing shut, but she is essentially done. I had to race to get her finished before school finished, as I didn't want any curious girlie looking over my shoulder (just goes to show, I should have gotten off the computer earlier!) Not perfect by ANY means, but still cute. Well I think. ( I decided to go with out the feet at the bottom)

Hope she likes her!

Link HERE if you want to make your own!


  1. Well done Sharon, she will be loved and appreciated for sure!

  2. Cute, I love him....I know Sienna would too... great job.

  3. This is super-cute. Our local home-decor store has some owls for Fall that I am thinking of making instead of buying. They look very similar, but with darker fabrics. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. How amazing to be able to make that yourself-she is gorgeous!


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