Thursday, August 25, 2011

sending happy mail

as much as its fun to get happy mail (you know, things other than window faced envelopes - like things you might have bought on ebay, or little surprises from friends) its just as nice to put together a little parcel and post it off.

I did that the other day, for my friend who lives even further in the back of beyond than me, and who had a chubby little bundle of baby girl not long ago (after three boys!)

IMG_9200 IMG_9201

I wanted to revisit the nappy wallet after the last fail (which turned into a very useful DS and MP3 player travel holder) and this time it was much more successful, fitting either a travel wipes container or a full packet of wipes, and a couple of nappies, quite comfortably. I wish I'd seen this when my kids were little, it would have saved much rummaging around in the nappy bag (and this would be so great to toss under the pram or in a handbag - a large handbag mind you!) I used this fabric just in case it didn't work out, and although its not my favourite, it turned out really well, and was really great to sew with.

I also included in the parcel:


burp cloths...back with chenille, which my sewing machine does not like.

and a shabby little bib, which after a few more washes, should be nice and fluffy around the edges, and interesting to touch for little fingers. with luck, the busy fabric should hide any stains that might appear with use!

IMG_9204 Hopefully she has the parcel by now and this post has not ruined the little surprise!


  1. The fabric is fantastic! You are such a clever lady ... I'm gearing up the strength for my next project!

  2. How gorgeous!
    Thats such a sweet gift..
    I also wanted to say how much I LOVED your framed teatowel project....its stunning.
    I stink Ill be in the look out for cute tea towels now...all credit to you.
    Mardi x

  3. Gorgeous projects! I absolutely love the nappy wallet idea and the materials you used are beautiful!!!


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