Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ticking off the shopping list

we've just spent two days in the city, visiting dentists (LAST VISIT until next routine checkup time, thank goodness!) optometrists (someone in this household needs reading glasses, and it certainly isn't me, as I am MUCH younger than him!), getting our backs pummelled and manipulated, ticking items off the permanent list of Things To Get In Town, and Grocery Shopping.

Of course, no visit to the city would be complete without a visit to Bunnings (known in our house as BUNNY'S! said just like that, with exclamation point) and where else would you need to telephone your spouse to find out just where in that big shed he is and did you remember to get a new torch, when you yourself is having a lovely time wandering through the pot plants and testing the outdoor furniture. (more on that topic next post!)

One thing that I ticked off the list for home was new drinking glasses. I didn't find exactly what I wanted (of course, what I saw on the shelf last time was no longer there, story of my life) but these will do. Probably won't float the husbands boat, but I can now drink my water or soda stream in elegance. (he can have the old daggy chipped glasses instead!)

IMG044 And because they are from Kmart and not Bohemien crystal.... I drink peace (incidentally, these are the biggest bucket holding wine glasses I have ever seen! perfect for you soaks wine lovers out there :-)


mind you, with an engagement party to attend this weekend, I am thinking I should have gotten TWO boxes of these so I could give one away. Oh well, they will just have to make do with the rather nice steak knives, tea towels and cute cheese board  I got them instead. I'm not giving them up.

Easter holidays are but two days away from starting here, and whilst there has been talk of camping and carting bits and bobs to the camper trailer, there has also been much talk of mustering, shifting steers and trucking cattle, whilst in the midst of it all a wedding to attend. I am not sure that The Husband has his time management plan in action, to be fitting all of that in as well as the promised camping.

Righto, back to the grocery and shopping putting away....I seem to be getting easily distracted....


  1. Oooh, I like these! Very nice indeed, I also like the stemless wine glasses I've seen around a lot lately.

  2. ooh, lovely glasses! I'll keep an eye out for them when I venture to kmart after the school holidays, I can see them sitting on my deck, dripping sweat on the table!

  3. Not being a wine drinker I see no value in these...hehehehehehehehe xx


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