Tuesday, January 22, 2013

doing stuff

I gave myself a bit of a mental shake the other day and decided to get in and DO some of the things I had been THINKING about doing for ages (you know those jobs you think will be tricky/time consuming/brain numbing)

I had the material, and laid in bed thinking about the how that morning, and then decided to DO, and give this old chair a badly needed facelift.

imageI wouldn't say its professional by any means (I had to use calico on the bottom of the cushion) , but it IS done and I have a few mental notes about the next two I have to do...because once you start, you can't have one looking all smicko and the rest all sad and dowdy.

Instead of tackling another armchair, today I decided to do the "easier" cane tub chair that needed a new cover as well. I fell in love with this fabric at spotlight the other day. I think I need to get some more.

 imageEagle eyed people will note that the fabric is cut the wrong way...I think the vine should run UP instead of across...my fault for not paying enough attention at the first cut.  I've also just hosed the chair down and tomorrow will give it a nice coat or two of tung oil (I was going to stain it but don't have the stain, so why wait for something that isn't essential!)

The second armchair, which forms a pair with the first, will be covered in the same bright, rather garish fabric as the first (but I kinda like it a lot?!) and the third, which sits inside by the fire...I am not sure. I could use the blue/grey/navy which I love and it looks awesome, or perhaps wait and find something alternate but equally as awesome....oh decisions decisions!


  1. I think I'd be painting the tub chair ... but it's just a phase I'm going through, nothing timber is currently sacred, even came home from town today with an electric sander! And of course been to Spotlight, inspired by the one and only northern Sharon. Mainly dress fabrics though ... but a roll of calico to try some slip covers ... just need some rainy indoor days now.

  2. Love the fabric in the tub chair and I just loved the pattern and colour and the leaves....the thought never entered my head that the vine should be running the othe way...to me it was leaves. Good work on getting motivated.....that may happen here once the kids go back to school...knee deep in covering school books at the moment.


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