Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday night entertainment

Yesterday afternoon The Husband let me know he wouldn't be home (again) as another fire had flared up to their north. After working all night and day to secure the fire near our place, they certainly didn't want another one to come down and ruin their hard work, so off the merry fire fighters trooped to investigate. He did mention they were slightly peckish and would I please bring some food.

I made some ham, cheese and chutney sandwiches, threw in some apples and oranges and half a carton of coke into an esky and just on dark the kids and I trooped off on our Friday evening adventure, a quiet 60kms drive down the road.

This was our view as we approached the fire.

IMG_1756All that smoke!  Burning in the national park and right up against the highway, there was some concern it would escape the breaks around the national park. Bear in mind that The Husband and his crew had been at it since mid afternoon Thursday (and as one of the kids pointed out, Dad you haven't had a shower since Wednesday night!) with a scant few hours sleep on the road - literally, they laid themselves out on the freshly graded road which was soft and sandy - in the wee hours of Thursday morning. So it was safe to say they were rather keen for this fire to be done with as quickly as possible.

Mind you, as we crested the ridge and saw this on the way, I was thinking it didn't look good.

IMG_1759We had time to spare before we met at set rendezvous point, so went a little further up the road to the Burra Lookout for some sightseeing. This lookout is in the middle of the Great Dividing Range and overlooks a lot of gorge country.

IMG_1761Natures own firework show.

IMG_1767   The kids living life on the edge - literally - of a big rock ledge, surveying the bright embers of burning logs below.

IMG_1772 The two way crackled to life and we scrambled away from our sightseeing and went back to meet the men. They were in quite high spirits, the younger ones anyhow, and we had a picnic in the dirt as we watched the glow of the fire come and go through the tree tops, and they discussed plans.  Eventually we headed home and I am pleased to report this morning that it remained within containment lines. Kids will be pleased to know Dad found a shower at the neighbours place and a sleep early this morning (I did forget to take a clean shirt for him though)

And that was Friday night's entertainment. Better then watching TV, yes?


  1. As horrific as the fires are, the photos are spectacular! So looks like beachside holidaying has been pushed to the backburner for the moment?!?
    Hope everything's now under control.

  2. You outback ladies (and men) are so brave. I'm not sure you realise how much we (non-outback ladies) admire you. I particularly love how you take your kids in (relatively) close to the fire, and are logical and sensible about safety and limits, but not hiding the kids away in "safety" (read: boredom) as so many city parents would.

    Admiring you from Geneva, Switzerland!

  3. I really hope Hubby and the crew get some respite soon - fire fighting is exhausting! Have to agree with Fiona about your spectacular pictures - especially the one of the kids' silhouettes ... take care and keep cool!

  4. Amazing photos Sharon....we haven't had a bushfire here in my time but I imagine the adrenaline was running high and aren't sandwiches and coke just the best thing for a night picnic!
    Hope you do get that night or two at the beach.

  5. Good on you guys Well done Trev. Hope you all have a great New Year.


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