Tuesday, January 1, 2013

faffing about

SIL ordered "art work" (with a theme) for her daughters bedroom for christmas...I didn't get time to look at doing it, so neices got a little something else to unwrap, and I got a chance to have a go at these today.

IMG_1695Glued some paper on 12x12 canvases, did some modge podge sealing (don't look TOO closely)...I do hope its what she wanted.

IMG_1697  IMG_1696 Well, I think they do fill the brief of Bright, Colourful, Girly and Elephants!

Onto neice #2 now, which is owl themed...I do hope she likes yellow! ;-)


  1. What beautiful, creative and dare I say easy artwork. Love the colourful bunting. Look forward to seeing the owl art. And of course Happy New Year to you all. Hopefully wet days ahead will allow for many more creative pursuits.

  2. They look great Sharon, very crafty indeed

  3. Adorable! I have 3 girls and my eldest would go crazy for something like this. She's a little elephant obsessed!

  4. They make a lovely trio :), and how cleverly done ... Love that little heart blowing out of the elephant's trunk!


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