Sunday, January 27, 2013


and all dressed up with nowhere to go, actually, were just home from Australia Day celebrations and still clean.

IMG_1879 IMG_1880

IMG_1889 IMG_1898


Mum, I'll take one of you....I don't have the poses like the kids sadly...

IMG_1911 I'll stick to being behind the camera...although I forgot to get the girls to take one of me with each of them, haven't done it in all last year. And don't you love that I have only just realised the potential of the back wall of my rustic laundry!


  1. Gorgeous - all of them .. and you!

  2. It does indeed have great photographic potential - I'd be wanting to make a scrapbook paper from that! All you of are equally photogenic, and I think that's also due to great skill with the camera!

  3. Love the photos and glad you are in one of them too. I love the laundry backdrop all rusty and dented....I took all the head shots of our 9 year old football kids up against the only corrograted iron hut which seats about 4 people and I just used the side of the shed....the photos looked would never know where you were.

  4. Your kids look every so obliging, I am starting to getting the rolling of the eyes and comments like "don't we have enough photos"...boys!


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