Tuesday, January 15, 2013

home and away

imageI was going to NOT postpone dentist appointments come hell or highwater (and with or without husbands) so late Sunday afternoon, after a birthday party and feeding the poddies, we headed to the city. On reflection the birthday party with lollies and cordial wasn't a good choice given the hi-jinks in the back seat, but a bit of bawling when Dad hit the roof never did anyone any harm before ;-)

We drove through the fire area, smoke billowing here and there (but all under control). We did the dentist thing (feeling poorer for the privilege) and visited a sweet little newborn baby girl. All of the kids got to have a cuddle of Isabelle Grace, who belongs to my lovely friend Mel. Mel, despites some misgivings about lack of maternal instincts, seems to be coping just fine (the fact that her husband is a nappy changing machine may be of some help!) Ah, the adventure of ones first child! And you know what? I loved holding her, and snuggling her little body close to me, but certainly no clucky or pangs to have some more. They've plumb worn me out ;-)

We managed to squeeze a visit to the Rockpool for an early morning swim. I decided to spectate..oh the thought of wrassling into my togs in the sticky morning (oh the humidity!), and then sticky and salty and damp in the car back to the unit...The kids and dad loved it though. I enjoyed the very slight breeze and the view.

Going to town means one gets to wear ones pretties, and I brought a few of them out to play. And of course, one cannot do so without sharing on Instagram!

image image

I'm really really loving wooden beads at the moment, and I had some time at Spotlight (and a whole lot of fun!) to gather some supplies to have a play making a necklace or two myself, and get some fabric to recover the cushions my cane tub chair on the front verandah (I bought some other stuff earlier but have repurposed it for another job). Although after wandering around looking for something that I really didn't know the name of (still don't) it sometimes really IS easier to shop online at home!

Speaking of cushions...holy moley. Priced new cushions for our 9 year old, sturdy metal outdoor setting....nearly the price of a whole new setting!!! More research is required.

AND HOT OFF THE PRESSES: in most exciting news, as I type....rain on the roof. Now I won't get too excited and say the wet season has set in, but hopefully even a few showers might offer some relief against the fires in the National Park that have been bothering the men over the past few days...and if its offer, we'll take at least an inch or two of the wet stuff to freshen things up til the Big Wet arrives. And purely selfishly, just the drizzle we've had this evening will do my garden no end of good!

With that, and the sweet sound of heavy raindrops (albeit slow drizzle) on the tin roof, I bid you adieu and head for bed. Is there ever a more relaxing sound (and accompanied by thunder is nice too, the lightening tonight seems to be all sheet which is nice to look at and far less likely to lead to more fire fighting escapades!)

and OH! hello Megan! ran into a lovely old friend in the shops this morning...haven't seen her for a couple of years, but she tells me she feels like she kept right up, reading the blog. Love my mates who read and comment verbally ;-) And mates that don't ever seem to age (slightly depressing that part). xo

Rainfall report tomorrow. Having to resort to old fashioned rain gauge instead of new fangled weather station which apparently has gone into shock at the thought of rain and refuses to register any precipitation. Do hope the kids haven't filled the old style one with the hose! ;-)


  1. So how much rain? 11 here Monday night, 2 last night. Might not be the big wet, but at least it's a start, though Mr Doom & Gloom here says he's never seen the forecasts looking so depressing.
    Dad hitting the roof whilst driving family to holiday destination sounds right on the money. That's when mother turns around and says to sobbing children "Are we having fun yet"?
    Love the beads and your arty photography.
    Funny story about people reading your blog, I was walking through the shopping centre with all kids in tow last school holidays, when a complete stranger came up to me and told me she recognised the kids from the blog and introduced herself. Guess that was my 15 minutes of fame!

  2. That rain sounds excellent - my Dad would like a bit down here too!
    I am usually the observer when it comes to surf swimming - well since the kids were born, but this year I reclaimed the joy of having waves crash over my body and togs filled with sand - it was fantastic and I loved every minute!

    Long car trips are the same for everyone I reckon - nothing like Dad cracking a narna and kids sobbing and wailing that it wan't their fault!

  3. Good to get out to the city....and hopefully a little bit of rain to relieve those tired men fighting the fires.

  4. Lovely to read about your days and see that beautiful photo - something those of us with temperatures of minus 6C can only sigh and dream about. I hope the fires are under control now - we have been alarmed and anxious here for you all. Your pretty things are indeed very vibrant and pretty!


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