Sunday, January 20, 2013

something else I made

The other day, when it was pretty darned hot outside, and the aircon inside the office, and what I very tongue in cheek call my studio, was nice and icy (set a fair way below the recommended 25 degrees!) the kids and I pottered about.

One of the things I did was make this little nappy wallet for a newly born little Isabelle.

IMG_0520She'll be quite the little cowgirl and mum and dad have already got a pony lined up for the when the time comes. (heaven help them if she doesn't like horses!) Wipes in one side, a tube of bum cream and a few nappies, the new mum has reported that it works well and meant the big old nappy bag could be left in the car.

IMG_0663Secured shut with an elastic band (hairtie in a former life) and a button I think I took off one of the girls stained play shirts (it didn't need such a pretty button) it folds up neatly. I love the outside paisley sort of print..I think I'd wear a collared button up shirt in this if someone made one!

This used three fat quarters with a fair sized scrap of each left over. And took probably under an hour to make (less if you don't faff about or make any mistakes!)

and I made this with part of the leftovers:



  1. Oh how I wish for an air-conditioned studio ... perhaps even a fan-cooled living room would suffice. Hasn't the weather been outrageous! Just love what you've made, nothing of the sort seemed to be available when I was toting giant nappy bags everywhere I went. Perhaps if Pinterest had existed way back then, things may have been different.

  2. Sharon, you will be pleased to know I have the sewing machine out of 'storage' and some fabric I just hope Eliza doesn't grow out of nappies before I complete this project!!

  3. love the fabric...great to have an excuse to be inside and be crafty.


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