Saturday, January 19, 2013

party time for birds

is over for another year. We watched the mangoes ripen for the longest time and then, wham, they were ripe all at once and the warfare commenced.  One tree was laden, the other not so much, and these pair got to enjoy one of the last ones on the tree that we didn't pick in time.

IMG_1705 It was a funny old mango season, and I think the intense heat we had before the mangoes were ready affected them. Not our finest tasting crop - ripe around the seed before the outside - but still well enjoyed. By the birds as well as you can tell.

IMG_1708Pretty little noisy thieving vandals, aren't they?!


  1. It was a weird mango season. Nice photos of your 'thieves'.

  2. Great minds really do think alike ... us both posting about mangoes! Beautiful photos.

  3. I can't begin to describe what a thrill it is to see these brilliantly coloured birds on mangoes hanging from a tree; both are so exotic over here!

  4. Their colours are so vibrant Sharon - we have them here too and they love the bottle brushes in the spring ... and hovering above my washing! Nevertheless, I don't ever seem to get photos that are this close!


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