Friday, June 12, 2009


A post of Nicole's prompted me to do this little page {with paper and glue and letters- yay for me!). This littel drawing had been sitting on my desk for over a week, just waiting to get lost amongst the gazillion other bits of white paper that I fling there and pretend they don't exist.

I really shouldn't even be scrapping - the house is a total disaster zone (although, it nearly always is, so what's new!) the dishes still haven't been done (hey, its ccccold inside!) and there is more folding to do than I can bear to look at (there must be a couple of other kids living in this house that I don't know about, the amount of washing I seem to do), so doing something completely frivalous probalby shouldn't have made it onto today's agenda.

Plus, we are going f-i-s-h-i-n-g tomorrow, an idea that fills me with so much joy, I can hardly stand it. As does the rather large list of things needed for the outing, left for me by my husband early this morning. Its a good thing he wasn't here when I found the *&^%* list!

Anyhow, this little page took longer than expected to whip up, but oh! So much fun to play around cutting and pasting again! Even with my little helpers watching my every move and having to sit really, reaaally close to see what was going on.

Note to self: Self, stop watching TV and start scrapping again when the kids go to bed! Grey's Anatomy is not that important.....on second thoughts...Note to Self: Self, arrange for small TV to be installed in office!

Anyhow, after ALL of that, here it is:
Edited: I've just noticed an error in the journalling! "Back" should be BAG! but its going to stay there, too bad!

My handwriting on my pages doesn't ever look "right" to me - not like some others who's writing just looks perfect! Maybe I try to be too neat? Anyhow its another page done - 8x8 in size. And I used my new threading water punch, which is great! I want the plain scallop one now...

Back after the Great Fishing Trip. The number going out for the day has expanded to Grannies and Grandads, and possible aunty's and uncles and little cousins. At least there will be other people there to help prevent the little boy from ending up in the waterhole!


  1. Definitely get small TV into scrap room!! Greys Anatomy IS that important. Love the post, love the layout, love that scallop punch (need one) and hope that fishing trip turns out ok. Freaking freezing here too.

  2. Just wanted to say I've just come to your blog via Ingunn's, and am liking what I've seen so far. Will go and explore some more.


  3. great idea for the art work - will have to use that one.
    And Grey's is good at the moment with the Issy storyline...I'm hooked!

  4. Hi Sharon. I so love visiting your blog! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy a peak into your world. Can totally relate to the state of the house. Craftiness is just so much more important the the domestic stuff! I agree with you re the TV in the craft room. I might get more scrapping done that way. Lately I've been glued to the couch with my crochet hook and some wool. Thanks for sharing your "artwork" layout. Too cute! Anita. xxx


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