Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still here

I'm still here, alive and kicking. A little overwhelmed with what I should be doing, and what isn't getting done! I guess it's always like that in my world, it's just how much I stress about it on a daily basis that differs (sometimes I care, sometimes I just don't and go and look at my flowers - or go blog hopping!)

It has been and will be such a busy week... on Saturday the kids and I drove 2 hours to a Field Day at a neighbouring town, where Trevor had our concrete troughs on display. We caught up with some friends, I priced some new fancy-schmancy lawn mowers, and bought some plants. And icecreams for the kids. By crikey, for a mid-winter's day, it was WARM. Should have realised, happens every year!

On Monday and friend and I drove to the city and back (a four hour drive just to GET there) and ran around madly spending the funding money our P & C had been granted. Also managed to get a couple of things for myself that had been on the shopping list for awhile (like a new toilet seat!), plus a few things that weren't! gorgeous DCWV "butterflies & blossums" paper that I have been drooling over for awhile, but I discovered $10 cheaper at Big W than anywhere else I'd seen it online.

This is what happen when a country living woman goes to the BIG town: she often gets things that she doesn't necessarily need right now, just because its there NOW and won't be when she gets back to town or its on sale at the time. And sometimes you might even buy multiple of a certain item, because you know, sure as eggs, if its PERFECT, you'll never see it again in six months time when you get to that shop again.

Anyhow, that was a loooong day, got home at 10:30pm after getting up at 4:30 that morning!]

This afternoon we have a little birthday smoko for my neice's 2nd birthday - only a 20 minute/30km drive this time!

Friday the kids have a day out at another school an hours drive away, so I am taking Kate + another little girl there, and continuing on to the bigger town another hours drive on, to do my grocery shopping. There was no room in the car on Monday to get any groceries, so seeing as I am half way there dropping the kids off, I might as well keep going!

On Saturday we are all off to my parent's place, to which a road-train of our steers will be journeying to on Friday afternoon. We have to walk them out to their paddock on Saturday morning, so the kids and I will get a ride on our horses.

After that - thank goodness its school holidays! I think we will all appreciate a sleep in on Sunday!

I'll leave you with this cute project I found somewhere online - isn't it cute? So easily doable, if one wasn't driving around the countryside all week!

I'm not sure how the dotted line behind the butterfly is done on this, whether by pen or stitched, but it's not even enough for my liking. I have a couple of square frames that I could do this to, for the girls room... again, only if I take a dislike to sleeping.

Which won't ever happen!

And this idea below is cute and simple too! Involves some work with a craft knife and working out the right placement of the shapes - but as long as they all touch, and the bottom of them touches the centre fold, she's sweet. Great place card idea! I must try this one day - though what for I'm not sure!

Here's a challenge for you: I want a name for my {non-existant at the moment} photography "business"... I would love to take photos for other people on a more "professional" basis, but right now it's unlikely to go far - but first things first - I need a catchy, appropriate name! Lots of people use their own names, but I really don't think my name has much of an out of the ordinary ring about it!

Put your thinking caps on ladies...I should offer a prize - I tell you what - if I ever get the camera straps that are in my head MADE, the name I like best will get one....I hope you won't mind waiting (especially since my sewing machine is staging a revolt and refusing to work!)

I'll be back with some photos one day, maybe after the weekend (I'll take my camera on the horse this time - the LITTLE one, not my precious DSLR!)

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