Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Still here

and leading quite a boring, mundane, and truth be told, quite unproductive life at the moment.

Guess I'm just a little worn out from the frenzy of last week.

I have however, just purchased this deliciousness on etsy (from an Australian seller).

I have an urge to make one of the Buttercup bags that I blogged about awhile ago. Not sure when I will actually DO the making, but the fabric I have in my cupboard simply isn't good enough!

We did the local show on Saturday - most exciting thing: fantastic fireworks. Tried to take some photos, but not having downloaded the camera in eons, I can't tell you if they worked or not. I suspect NOT! Doesn't matter, the fireworks were gorgeous anyhow.

Had a playgroup for the little kids this morning, happens once a term; have a steam train ride with both big and little kids tomorrow (with the school) which, unfortunatley, I have to go on. I think it will be exciting for the first 10 minutes, and the last 10. The 100 odd minutes in the middle, not so much! And sports day between the four local small schools (local as in the surrounding 200kms = total no more than 50 kids!) on Friday, in town.

So, quite a few outings and disrupted days this week, and little motivation or energy to get in and do anything at the moment, whether it be housework or gardening or scrapping. I should take my own advice and get some vitamin B into me!

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