Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Its Cold Outside!

And inside too - hoo boy, is it ever cold INSIDE of a morning! These 12 ft ceilings are pretty to look at, but a bugger to keep warm.

And to cobweb too, just quietly. Having a husband who stands over 6ft tall in his socks is handy sometimes! The spiders have to be planning their takeover of the house before he does the cobwebbing for me, but at least it DOES get done eventually. There's one benefit from the 12ft ceilings - you can't really see the spiders as its such a long way up there!

But I digress:

Do you think its wrong that my boy has worn his pyjama's all day {admittedly, a tracksuit} because it was too cold to change his clothes this morning? And the morning before?!

Having just re-read that last paragraph, I must point out that he did in fact have a bath, and put on a new, CLEAN tracksuit each evening!

I am wondering if I could also get away with wearing tracksuit pj's all day?!.... there only being one problem. At some stage {probably recommended before walking to school!} I would need to take off my top {and therefore defeating the purpose of staying in one's pj's!} to put on some underwear to put my bosums back in their proper place. Oh well.

I hope I haven't shared this with you before - I discovered this sweet idea somewhere on the 'net - a handmade fabric gift card holder (so sweet!) - but gift cards with a difference! (see the pic for examples). If you don't sew, you could make a little folder from card - great gift idea for the kids to be involved in.

In other news: my husband, in a rare fit of I dont' know what, has decided to go FISHING on Saturday (I'd rather he got the lawn mower going, just quietly!) and is taking The. Whole.Family. Including. Me. The last time he took 3 kids fishing would be....say NEVER, so I am not sure how the whole:
1. being quiet so as not to "scare the fish"
2. not falling in the water, playing in the water, or playing in the mud
3. not being bored of fishing in the first 5 minutes
4. keeping three kids entertained while HE fishes
5. cooking/eating aforementioned fish
scene will go. Perhaps I should stay home...but oh! the photo opportunities!

Best go and see if I can scare the lawn mower into starting. I plan to sneak up on it and stage a surprise attack!

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  1. Take lots of snacks and some toys on the boat, and another pair of hands if possible, have fun my kids love going with their nanny and poppy!


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