Sunday, June 7, 2009

Collage Obessession continued

Our activities of late, when I have taken my camera with me, have given me opportunity to take waay too many photos. Or perhaps its more that I keep pressing that button when I should just be getting on and doing my job. {Procrastination be thy name!}

You may have noticed that I have been going through a slight obsession with collage tpye layouts lately? That continues with this post, though after wrassling with again too many photos from a recent steam train ride excursion with the kids, I might be over it.... anyhow.

The collages below are destined to be printed 8x10, then wacked onto some lovely 12x12 cardstock and trimmed with some pretty, appropriate paper. I just can't see NOT adding a slice of yummy pattern, and heaven knows I've got enough paper. {And I even got an idea of how to use that zebra print paper that I somehow aquired a good while ago! but I digress}

I didn't have the brain power to do a mock up of how they might look in their finished state, but I am sure you get the gist of it.

Without further ado:

The first one, obviously is about the long days of working with cattle we had in May {and what fun it was photographing in that light - it only lasted about 5 minutes}. And the second one is about my poor kids, who got dragged around the country side after the bloody cows...they were so good. Now that Angus is older, it is so much easier to take them with me - and he learnt quickly how to sleep in the buggy. And I learnt that if I put a sleeping bag and some pillows in the tray of the buggy, and to take PLENTY of snack foods to the yard and in the buggy, that everyone stayed much happier.

And the kids learnt why mum always made them put their seat belts on in the buggy. After the first wild-ish ride chasing a mob of hooligan weaners, they strapped themselves in without being told, took a good hand grip, and leg length allowing, braced their feet on the dashboard. And laughed with glee they faster we went.

This may come back to haunt me when they get old enough to drive!


  1. Oh Sharon, your kids are so lucky! Although I am sure this is day to day for them - but it will stay with them forever! I have fond memories of my aunt and uncle's dairy farm. Ooops most important, love the collages!

  2. Your photos are so, so great! That one with the sun beaming down is so cool. I agree with Shannon, your kids are so lucky! what a great life experience for them. I love the collages and think its such a great way to use lots of photos. Well done mate and i say when your on a roll stick to it...collage obsession is not a bad thing :)

  3. Good for you!!! Love the collages!


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