Sunday, June 14, 2009

Internet Goodness

Not much to share today - survived the fishing trip - I even caught a fish of my own, and we had quite a pleasant day out. No one fell in, they DID get wet, although with permission (and much begging!) as it turned out to be quite a warm afternoon. Stay tuned for some photos!
Feeling a little unwell today (I think I have a bug from one of the kids) but I have come across these few things that are inspiring me at the moment. I think mostly because: 1. it has been cold and 2. my house is a complete mess - and these places are so clean and light filled!

I think its the green and the white with this one that is calling me. And the floral. And all of the comfy pillows.
I think I should go back to bed!

You know, I actually have a chair something like this. Its an antique wicker chair that was my great grandmothers. My mum suspects that it may have even come out from Scotland with her. Whatever, its very comfy, and in a forward thinking move for the olden days - it has a hole in the arm for ones cup of tea or cold beverage!

Nice. Green and white again. I love plants. And ceramic pots.

As well as a new lounge, I am looking for new kitchen bar stools. These are pretty much JUST what I want, though even better would be without backs. (so they fit neatly under the breakfast bar) So far my search has been fruitless - I can't afford the designer version that I keep seeing! So if you see any budget friendly models available in Queensland, please drop me a line!

I have a little file of ideas in my head and bits of paper tucked away of my dream home, should that ever happen one day. THIS has gone into that file - the wide Queenslander verandah was always part of it, but the painted boards and the white railings has cemented it, along with this comfy verandah couch. And gee, the view to go with wouldn't be bad either!

Some people love the thought of a sea view and living by the ocean? I love to visit the sea, but I would love to live somewhere that has open paddocks surrounding the house, with big shady trees, and a mountain view. And a lovely little tree-lined creek below the house, that even if it didn't run year round, would run over rocks and give that lovley musical water-over-rocks sound....

Right now, I would love to be lounging on that couch in the picture above, having a little snooze and then some scones and jam for afternoon tea!

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  1. that veranda looks divine...perfect for a lazy afternoon. try looking at the Ikea catalogue online, they have similar stools


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