Saturday, June 6, 2009


I've just successfully uploaded prints online with Harvey (Norman that is) which may not be a big deal for most of you, but with my slow internet (even if I do have broadband - satellite broadband!) is quite a big deal for me. And the best thing - it resizes the photos for me! Thanks be to God! I take all my photos as the biggest I can, so when it comes to wanting to print/upload, it means that they all have to be resized - so now Harvey is my new best friend!

So what am I printing? Well...I am also slow and behind - I am ordering the last of the photos (that were sitting quietly in their own special file) for the 52 Weeks of 2008 project. Better late than never. It will be so good so get it all finished, even if the journalling for the last bit might be a little on the light side! {as a note - Harvey will print 6x8's for 99c each. Isn't he nice!}

I've also been wondering, seeing as I am changing over to D-ring binders (again, slow on the uptake), just what to do with my old post bound albums (and a brand-spankin' new one I found in a bottom drawer...hmm! must have been on sale!). My husband's rather...frugal (I was going to use another, less polite phrase! but I'm far too ladylike) ways must be starting to rub off on me. Can't bear to think of something not be useful!

I had a light bulb moment in the wee hours the other morning - instead of buying those flip albums to store my everyday photos in, I will use these old 12x12 post bounds! I will use the 4x6 divided pages from WRMK and voila! No waste, and my photos will be easily accessed and viewed in albums that are basically all of the same, so my cupboard will also look noice.

Sigh. Sometimes my genius-ness overwhelms me.

Ahem. Cough... Splutter. Sorry, I was choking on my where was I?

Anyhow, my apologies for a most boring and photo-less post, I haven't downloaded my camera yet, where there are piles of exciting photos waiting to be shared with you!

Til then - just call me genius, OK?! ;-)


  1. buuga...i chucked all my ols 12x12 post bound albums...bloody good idea...did I say BUGGA!

  2. Great idea Sharon. I only have one post bound album, and it stays on the shelf with all the others as it is. It is after all Noah's baby album! FYI, Lee has 6 up's by AC at RW, they are landscape. I just located 6 ups in portrait, Blue Bazaar just got them in. I am awaiting my delivery!


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