Friday, June 19, 2009

First Page

Actually, I'm not sure this was my very very first page, but it was amongst them. I was inspired to share this after reading the new blog Write.Click. Scrapbook, where they were sharing their first pages.

(sorry for the crappy photo, too lazy to take it out of the protetor!)

This page features my first daughter, some painstakingly cut out circles, an even fiddler green frame . I only had one sheet of green card, and so had to cut out the centre of the frame to use elsewhere, and so it turned into a floating frame instead of a mat. And those ladybugs? They're red, so I guess they go...This page makes me laugh when I see it, but I still like it. It represents when I first found this hobby and how much fun I was having doing it.

I recently took all of my completed "family" pages and put them in a new ring binder album. Now I wish I hadn't, cause now (duh) the new album is full! So I think I'll squeeze them all back into the old post bound and call it a day! I was going to organise the layouts by catergory and add to them in the future, but I might just date the album and start afresh.

One thing I did notice - I never thought I had a style, I tend to use other layouts I have bookmarked, as a starting point or inspiration.

But, you know what, even doing that, and right from the very start, I think I have always been a simple scrapper!



  1. It is a bit embarrasing to look back at those first pages isn't it?! I am a very different scrapbooker nowadays but have resisted the temptation to go back & change them - that was just my style back then. Your style has evolved into really nice memories.

  2. Wow what a great post!! The photos are wonderful - my fave one is the close up of your father in law on the rock. gorgeous pic!

  3. Hey Sharon, I forgot to ask...what kind of fish do you catch?


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