Friday, June 19, 2009

A Fishy Tale

Warning: long and poorly crafted post that is heavy on photos!

Last Saturday we went fishing, to a special secret fishing hole not far from home. Man, the amount of prepararation that went into this one-day fishing trip! (not by me! men are crazy).
Anyhow, we left home around 10am, and drove off into the wilderness.

The road was much rougher than this, but I was otherwise occupied at the time, hanging on and telling my husband to drive further away from car eating ravines and washouts. {a loooong way to be walking for help!} When we FINALLY got there {are we theeere yet?} it was time for smoko, and then - more preparation.

Who'd want to go fishing? There's so much to do BEFORE hand!

This is my father in law, busy "preparing". As is my husband in the background.

It was a family outing - parents in law, as well as brother in law, with his wife and daughter.

Obviously there was no toilet out in the bush, but there was no shortage of trees or rocks to wander off behind when nature called.

Here's my sister in law and neice, returning from a wee walk! {hint - don't go pants-less in spear grass country!}

Here are the kids looking at the first fish caught. It was terribly exciting. Didn't last long, the excitement. Fishing is a sport that requires patience. The kids went off and dug holes and tried to work out how they could get away with falling in "accidentally".

Spectacular fishing hole - look at those huge rocks! And deeep water. A couple of kids reeeally wanted to peer over that rock there beside grandad. They were firmly restrained. That water looked way too chilly to be jumping into!

Notice where Grandad is sitting on the big rock above. Check it out below, from a little way downstream. And see that big rock on the left in the background? The river does a bend behind it and the waterhole continues kilometres upstream.

After lunch Granny gave into the four pleading children to "go swimming" and took them to the shallows for a paddle. The noise they made chased all of the fish upstream, and we caught a heap! (even me, I think I got two!)

I have to report, with pleasure, that between the two lines being manned by me, my s-i-l and f-i-l, we caught more fish than my husband and his brother. They hightailed it away upstream by themselves (so much for family time!) but in their solitude and quiet, didn't get as many as us! (HAH!)

I think Suzi is worried that her fish isn't fat enough. Suzi is a bit of a pro at this fishing business. I'm better at capturing images, myself! (btw: this is my favourite image of the day)

Angus isn't too sure about this fish business either! He prefers cows. I have to say I'm with him on all counts - especially when it comes to the cooking of them. Cannot stand the smell of cooking fish.

About 4pm we'd had enough so had smoko, discussed the ones that had gotten away (Trevor and Colin had some BIG ones apparently! ahem) and packed up the huge amount of equipment that was necessary for our day out. It was dark, and very chilly when we got home, and I was quite pleased to have a warm shower and get to bed. Trevor cooked and ate some of his fish (stuffed one with frozen mango -tells me that it was good).

The girls told me that it was a "bewd-iful" day out. They really had fun, and want to go back and camp. I have to say I'm not so keen when the weather is so..fresh!

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  1. Great hearing about your adventures. Brings back memories of trout fishing in the snowy mountains.


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