Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grumble Mumble

This is not me.

Nor am I that happy about what I am doing - yep, you guessed it. Painting.

I had forgotten what a horrible task it is.  The prep - taping and masking and making sure that the paint doesn't go in the wrong place.  Undercoat. Rollers - the b.a.n.e of my existance. So much so, after undercoating one wall with a roller, I've done the whole other one by hand with a brush.

Mind you, the fact that it is all tongue and groove doesn't make the whole excercise any quicker!

Tommorrow (as I haven't the intestinal fortitude to do any more today, even though the undercoat dried in about 10.4 seconds) - the first coat of colour.

Just to add to the joyfulness of the painting experience, add two cranky fighting children!

(which reminds me - I've just returned from another trip to the city - both girls coming with me.  I purchased three mini wheelie bins (those cute colourful 60L ones) , and at the checkout Georgie was being rather a pain in the rear end.  As I paid, I said, more to myself than anyone " I wonder if she would fit in there?...." looking at the little wheelie bin.  The checkout lady (an older lady) looked at me and laughed her head off.  As I walked off with my bins, and with Georgie still being a total brat, the checkout the lady called after me, still giggling away -  "I'm watching you - I know you want to!!")

Today I am thinking that they could both do with some time in a mini bin each, with a nice brick placed on the lid.

And that's all I have to say today!


  1. I don't know ANYONE who looks that happy whilst painting....especially if its tongue in groove GRRRRR, thats our whole house!

  2. Mmmmmm painting & root canals...both on a par for torture value


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