Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Post Totally Dictated by Low Blood Sugar Brain

I am running that far behind (and starving, incidentally) today that a quick blog post isn't going to make any difference to what gets done.

This just came into my inbox  - lurrve the colours and fabric pattern in this tankini. 

And bummer, I've not long purchased a very plain, demure and "supportive" (I so wish I wasn't on speaking terms with that word! Oh for small bosums!) black tankini (becuase black is slimming and hides a mulitude of sins, but I should have gone for ruching as well - according to Today Tonight last night! - as apparently that can disguise some extra bits as well! who'd thought!) along with some rather groovy black and silver boardies to cover the rest of the not so svelte bod.  And boardies without velcro and buttons that pop open to boot! (can I hear an angels chorus?!) They have a wide sort of shirred, but firm, elastic waist, and I love 'em.  Hopefully the tankini top and the boardies will stay together and no stray muffin top will see the light of, as much as I love the colours and the body covering properties of this tankini (though my body isn't anywhere CLOSE to the shape of the model's!! cue hysterical laughter) , I won't be rushing out to get it.

Anyhow, where was I?  Oh the colours!  and the cute ruffles on the bikini (though who wears a white bikini, cute floral and ruffles or not?)  Delicious patterns, yummy colours and swimmers - does it feel like summer yet?

So, this post has gone totally ALL over the place and I have totally forgotten the point I wanted to make. If indeed there was a point to be made.  That's low blood sugar for you I guess!!

Have quite a few bits of photographic offerings to share with you, but of course it is SUCH a chore to download both day soon, I promise!

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  1. hi again Sharon!
    I'm here to tell you that the tooth I had extracted was all the way in the back. It affected my eating, but you can't see it when I smile. Is yours very close to the front? Because then I might have had the root canal (they would've had to knock me out completely though) Because I get "laughing gas" just to have my teeth cleaned. THAT'S how bad I get :( I hope it all works out for you!


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