Saturday, November 7, 2009

Laying down with a cool washer

The girls are cleaningup/ out their room. They started at around 9am this morning - no Saturday morning TV.

They are still at it.  I think I need to go and lay down with a nice cool, wet washer over my face.

It would have been sooooo much easier and quicker if I had done it myself!

But that's not the principal of the matter is it?  They made the mess, they need to clean it up, so they remember how awful it was to clean up, when they go to trash their room again.

I have to say though, it is most exhausting cleaning their room via yelling and threatening and putting things out for the Salvos (much tears and nooooo's occuring!).

My girls don't have many toys, in comparison to other kids I know (and what they have is pretty crappy stuff, really! they break the expensive stuff - albeit accidentally or carelessly (a whole other issue...grrr!) just as easily as the cheaper stuff!) but the little they have seems to get spread e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

I don't have photos, but I guess this where you (ie. Di) will tell me to go and get my camera, and then turn this post into a scrapbook page.

Sigh. OK, I am off to take a pic.  They have probably got it tidy now I am going to take a pic!


  1. I hope that they have managed to finish it by now?! I'm having a glass of wine as we speak in order to recuperate from issuing instructions .... it's very tiring LOL!

  2. LOL I did the girls rooms last week while they were at school so i could chuck all their crap out... and yep, was MUCH quicker, but your kids probably learned a lesson!!!

  3. I so hear you right now and am having the exact same issues. My girls like to gather as many bags as possible and fill them with randam toys and things from all over the house saying they are "off camping' and then set up in the main lounge room. The clean up from such a game is horendous. I lost the plot last week and did what Kirsty did and chucked a whole heap of stuff whilst they were at school. It is totally exhausting me as i'm re-cleaning their room every couple of days!

  4. Ahh love. I so hear you. I took four garbage bads of kids stuff to the salvos and chucked another 3 big bags into he bin. Lucy said 'take it all!' but the hoarder in Amelia kept running things back to her room and hiding them under the bed. I understand the 'do I just do it myself' and the 'I am teachable them valuable life lessons by making them clean' and 'who carelesly broke this??'. I will be posting my girls new room tonight, if you care to come on over.


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