Friday, November 20, 2009

Internet Goodness

This post is for Juliane (who sadly doesn't have a blog!) who has my blog as her homepage and has commented via the phone that I haven't posted much lately. Pressure much?!

HERE is the link to download this free advent calendar! Very cute...I think this could find a home on my fridge!

So there you go Jules, you don't have to keep looking at my suprise anniversary earrings any longer!! And a belated Happy Birthday!!


  1. Im with Juliane...sick of those bloody earrings!!!
    Hehehe...just kidding...cute calendar, might make on with the kids tomorrow :)

  2. It WAS like 6 DAYS or something!! I'm with Jules!!

  3. OK so I have been busy and distracted. I didn't think anyone would notice....I promise that my normal fluffy and nonsensical posting will return soon! Coming up soon - trying to get a decent up to date shot of the kids for Christmas cards....really. I should have known better!


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