Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too much?

Quick post in between chores - no rest for the wicked, as they say!

Our local hotel, run by a very fashionable young-ish couple (remember the gumboot/fairy lady from our bike ride?) is running a little "do" for Melbourne Cup - nothing too flash or big, but still a nice get together of locals. And of course, being quite a few girly girls amongst us, we have to dress up.

My question is this, ladies,  as with your scrapbooking eye for colour - is this TOO much of a good thing?

I am not normally a skirt person, but loved this a line white and purple number (not normally one for purple either!).  I found a simple little sleeveless (bugger the fat arms, its HOT!) cotton tshirt, and then on ebay - a purple fascinator AND shoes!  (love the shoes, cute little flats, just what I needed to wear with jeans etc)

Obviously, they are all slightly different shades of purple, but when on, they are far enough apart not to notice.  BUT, is it all too much? Perhaps not the purple T, but a white one instead?  Or loose the fascinator? Or  save the skirt for another occasion and go back to my old favourites, the white linen pants?

Oh, the descisions that I have to make!  Lordy, hopefully this will be the biggest and most stressing decision I will have to make for awhile! 

Oh wait. I forgot.

Root Canal or Extraction?  Now there's a decision just lurking around, waiting to be made.

But until then - is too much purple too much of a good thing?


  1. Sharon how do you find the time? I have been trying to post since Thursday and just haven't got there yet!
    I think it all looks great together and not two much purple at all! Andrew just had a root canal not long ago - didn't cost us too much out of pocket about $400 I think, he said it didn't hurt too much but was awful, the filing and taking out the roots, and yucky tasting anestheitic, does that help ;)

  2. man... i am at the dentist this week...i have a sore tooth...

    no not to much purple BUT to much teeth talk :{

  3. hee hee hee! sorry, I have no idea why I am finding that funny in the slighest. But glad I am not the only one going to visit the bloody dentist.


  4. Sorry I got to this AFTER the Melbourne cup! Apparently you can never have too much of anything on melbourne cup day, so go the purple!!
    What paint colours are you considering. if you are into green dulux 'saladin' is divine. 'birdseed' is a nice sandstone colour and if you want a wow feature wall dulux 'Klavier' is the coolest soft black ever! Looks amazing with white shelving or trim. Dulux 'Flouce' is basically whirlpool in a paint colour. A nice off white/cream is Grand Piano, and also Pearly Gates (by Wattyl I think). Sorry. I'm sure that's too much information. I love paint...

  5. Let me start by saying I would rather give birth to a baby elephant before going to the dentist (it's been almost 2 years since my last visit. Shhhhhhhh.)
    I had the same scenario 5 years ago that you have and I chose the $110 extraction instead of the $1800 root canal.
    Best choice I have ever made!
    Good luck, I literally can feel your pain. Ouch!


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