Saturday, November 21, 2009

Which One

Please leave a quick comment - I can't decide on the red or the green...tell me which one?!!  I like the red - I have a red handbag and shoes, but you know how much I adore green......

These Jo Totes have just gone on sale HERE and I am off to order myself one for Christmas - and they are so much cheaper than the Jill E ones I have been drooling over for ages.  I might even have enough change left over to get myself a new lens to go in my new bag! ;-)

I think I have nearly decided on the green....but please, if you have the time leave me your valued opinion!  Must order today whilst the Aussie dollar is high and before they run out of stock!!

And in other exciting news - my sister in law has started scrapbooking!! She came asking for some magazines for inspiration yesterday - so when I get my act together and desk clean I am going to clear out some of my excesses of paper and flowers (which I hardly ever use!) and send em her way - with a copy of Simple as well perhaps.  I think I might have a spare copy that I can bare to part with....


  1. Both are gorgeous...go for the green.
    If you have 2 red bags the choosing becomes the next dilemma!

  2. Green - I used to be a red girl .. still am really but just bought a new downsized bag in green and I love it! I still have a probelm with red shoes though ......

  3. oh missed this post...funny i emailed about this then...
    alright alright off to get the credit card!!!

  4. Green green green. LOVE that shade of green, and who really needs two red bags? (even though, it too, is a gorgeous colour). Somehow came across your blog your conversational style of writing :)

    Have a great day xxx

  5. Green, Green is differnt - stands out shows a bit of flair. I am loving green at the moment too. Happy shopping

  6. well, I think its the green then hey?! ;-) lucky that's what I ordered I just have to wait until Christmas until I can open it up! (well, its still got to come in the mail, but you know what I mean!) thanks everyone for your considered opinion!

  7. Green all the way! Although I do love the red one too. Can you get both? LOL


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