Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Catchup

I am waiting for paint to dry so I can apply a final coat, so am quickly giving you a random catch up from my photo files.

A few weeks ago it was our 8th wedding anniversary, and the day afterwards Trevor had to go to the city to pick up supplies for our business.  He came home with this surprise for me:

Trevor is not one for surprises and gift purchasing is about on a par with having his finger jammed in a car door for him.  But he did  remember that I had broken/lost my favourite silver earrings like these some time ago, so off he went to the jewellers (where they nearly caused him to have heart failure when they tried to sell him some white gold ones..the price!). So this little parcel was a great surprise and I have happily worn them since.

While on the subject of gifts, what's on your Christmas Wish List?  If I want something I pretty much have to get it myself (see above!) but I DO make Trevor take the kids shopping to "get Mum a birthday present", as my birthday is just after Christmas and the kids really enjoy the process.  Except this year, they are not to select any perfume on the colour & prettiness of the packaging (pink, with butterflies!)...lovely perfume scent but so strong and sweet it gave me a migraine. So now, if perfume is what they want to get (its entirely up to Trevor and the kids what they get!), Trevor has to smell test FIRST and I have suggested that usually anything in green or nature looking packaging might be the go.

So, what's on your wish list this Christmas?! do share!!

1 comment:

  1. LOL @ the perfume selection process! My birthday usually gets forgotten by my darling husband...and he takes my christmas suggestions of "I don't need anything" very very seriously too LOL
    I generally like pretty much anything sparkly...I did have a KitchenAid mixer on the list, but I have one now thanks to a very generous friend!
    Love your earrings! Well done to Trevor :)


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