Friday, September 24, 2010


I got EIGHT pages done yesterday, in a very short time. It sorta felt like cheating, but felt OH so good to get them done and looking mighty fine too, even if I do say so myself.

The reason for this abundance?  I finally got some of my digital/hybrid pages printed. Yep.  They came in the mail – and although I am not all that happy with the WAY some of them were printed (borders cropped when the page was created the right size and the like) for the most part I am happy. I am yet to find an online photo printer that does things perfectly.

Anyhow, you’ve seen these all before in their original digital form. This is what they look like stuck down on a bit of card and prettied up to go in an album.

scrapbooking 001 Seeing as I had so much white space (bit of a waste photo printing wise!) I was able to crop off the digital matting that I had done and was printed strangely (missing the sides) and then I just stuck it down on a bit of card.  I like.scrapbooking 002 I matted this one narrowly – again with white space – and then just stuck down on a bit of card…this was from a challenge that Nicole issued earlier in the year. Feels forever ago.scrapbooking 003Another challenge layout…that printed not-quite-right (borders removed!)  but waste not want not, I made do. Not my favourite, but I do love the story!

scrapbooking 005I LOVE how these three questionnaire layouts turned out!  And so so simply. My embellishments are languishing sadly in a draw! 

scrapbooking 007I don’t know how I forgot about that yummy striped paper,love its colours.

scrapbooking 008Not as happy with the way I treated this one (was the first of the three that I stuck down) I wish I had done it the same as the other two.  But its still nice.

And last but not least, another one with borders cropped (grr) so had to be creative.

scrapbooking 009

I forgot one- that was only seven!  This one below was about christmas, and I think it will go into a mini album about Christmas that I have sort of started (as in gathered materials and very little else).  Instead of a December Daily – too much of a commitment – i thought I would   gather snippets of Christmas photos each year, along with the letter I send out to family and friends, and special letters received  (placed in an envelope). I am not overly happy with the title, but as it was 8x8 I had trouble fitting other letter stickers in the space and was feeling too lazy to print out a title on white card. I think this page was orginally 8.5x11 in in digital format but I printed it 6x8, and it printed Ok, just lost some of the kraft coloured border along the top and bottom. Lesson learnt – plan ahead and make your page the SPECIFIC size that you wish to print.  6x8 is quite a nice size, and cheaper than a 8x10 ! ;-)

scrapbooking 010

So there you go, an overload of pages.  I could have spread them out and shared over a period time, but I am just too impatient  (and forgetful I have to say!)


  1. Your layouts are "Mighty Fine". Just lovely. I really love the first 2 for "stand out" butthe others are great too.

  2. They look great Sharon....

  3. WoW - so good to have them all done and dusted and in the album! I esp love the 'right now' ones and all those cute country hats, and I love the Christmas one too. Well done!!!

  4. They're great. I love the simple layouts.

  5. Sharon these are all sensational and you have done well to mask the printing difficulties! Is this the same online printer we were talking about for our digi pages?


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