Monday, September 13, 2010

some forced blogging downtime

Now I haven't been neglecting you, dear readers, out of laziness. On Friday my brand spankin' new computer, died. Kaput. Just like that.  I was horrified  - but relieved that when I had purchased the new computer I also invested in a nifty little backup system that picks up every new file that I save.  Plus I have all of my old computer's stuff on my external hard drive. So things are not too grim - apart from the expensive new machine not working that is!  Its gone off to have its insides examined.

So in the meantime, blogger and I are having some differences, as I haven't got Live Writer on my laptop and blogger doesn't want to upload photos for me. So, some enforced blogging downtime - which just so co-incides with me heading off to muster some sale cattle for a couple of days.

Remind me to share a couple of wedding photos with you when I resume blogging - I shot a wedding on Saturday - solo.  This was a much bigger wedding than my cousins a couple of years ago - and the crowd much less polite and harder to get away from, making my job quite difficult no matter how firmly I spoke. Anyhow we got some good shots, and I just have to wait for my other computer to get back so I can edit the photos.

See you soon!


  1. I think there better be some cake photos too ;-)

  2. ooh, a tough crowd, Huh? looking forward to hearing about that!


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