Saturday, September 4, 2010

just because

I was looking at this photo (the one in the header) , taken late in the afternoon and thinking about how much I love that time of day.  I also love dawn, but not so much love the effort involved in hauling my tired carcass out of bed to enjoy it.


I plan to print this at home.  Turn off the background and just let the text and photo print straight onto the cardstock (cream like the background). Getting lazy – no patterned paper!

I’ve got another page planned -  a lift of one I saw just this morning that I adore. Hopefully I will get time to have a go at it tomorrow.

Now I am heading outside to the garden – and to let the pig out for a run. Another post there, all about the pig! One coming soon, I promise.


  1. I love this time of the day too - especially in winter when you get a great glow around 4.30-5pm

    Still waiting for the laundry shot too ;-)

  2. noice :)
    bring on summer evenings :)

  3. I love the evening too. I love to sit out on our back porch and watch the sun go down and listen to music or talk to my family as they sit there with me.

  4. Love how super simple this layout is.

  5. Thats a lovely LO, it even bought a tear to my eye, good work


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