Saturday, September 18, 2010

Third and final call

You may have seen these collage pages on occasion before. One of them is done and dusted, never to be scrapped again, and the other will have to come out again and be done for the youngest child. 

043 And lest you think that cropped scallop is an integral design element, let me set you straight.  It is covering an unfortunate accident involving something sticky that didn’t want to come off.  Lets pretend its there to break the eye from that patterned paper!

044So there you have it, my time wasting efforts for the first day of the school holidays, after hearing “I have nothing to dooooo” from the oldest child in the first 2 hours after getting out of bed. Funnily enough, she found something to do when I suggested that she wipe clean the kick board on the kitchen cupboards!


  1. You are the collage queen Sharon - these are both great ... sticky stuff or not!

  2. I have a list of jobs for bored kids over the holidays ;) love the LO, the scalloped circle breaks up the pp nicely!!

  3. oooh I love how you scrapped these, especially the first one - I love that yellow, and the 'mistake' on the far left of this layout looks just fine too.

  4. man I neeeeeed to scrap!!!!!
    love these :)

  5. my go-to "I'm bored" chore is the fingerprints running down the walls of our stairway... with five kids at home, I'm envisioning clean walls by the time school returns...


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