Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outside my comfort zone

I was in a funny old mood this afternoon and was also feeling quite lazy scrapping wise.  I printed out this collage that you’ve seen many times before, this time it is for Georgie’s album.  I love that each kid will have a page to remember this time with a minimum of effort on my behalf!

Like I said, in a funny mood. The paper doilies were on my desk, unused from another project I was going to do, but didn’t get time (and they didn’t arrive in the mail in time in any case)

017That’s how lazy I was feeling – i even used my own handwriting – and just printed out the journaling thing I made after seeing one that Nicole had used (see a couple of posts back).

I think this page took all of 10 minutes, not counting the wasted time on the computer looking for a free printable journaling label that looked like four brackets joined together (do you understand what I mean?) but was plain at the same time. But had lines for writing.  I dont ask for much, do I?  I am sure there is something like that out there, so point me in the right direction, please!  I still have a hankering to use some on my NEXT page!

Anyhow, best go and get tea started – the days are getting longer – and we love our afternoons outside in the cool evenings – but it means that we are later getting in and getting bathed and fed.  Time to get started on a summer routine so at least the kids get to bed at the same time (holidays being a little more flexible of course).

And another plug for Windows Live Writer – it even allows me to crop my photos from within it – and other limited editing abilities.  This makes the blogging process so quick – the longest part now is downloading the images and the time I take to drivel on here!

Coming up next post:  Meet Pig Pig.


  1. How cool is that journaling block? Your handwriting is supremely enviable Sharon :-) Yes, a breakaway from the usual but it look great!

  2. Ooo Love the pages, forgot to email and say can you send the journalling thing this way.
    I think I have a template that I borrowed the layer of the bracket journalling bit in. You would have to add your own lines. Will have a look.


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