Thursday, September 2, 2010

Socks and random blathering

Yes, socks. They are the bane of my existence. Especially come school time and the 10 pairs that each child had at the start of the school year have somehow dwindled to three pair each.  Somewhere in a parallel universe there are some socks having a mighty good time (image below from the internet)

missmatchersAnyhow, my laundry  - which is basically a shed well detached from the house – is one step closer to being  renewed, with the builder man putting us on his list.  When he will actually arrive is anyone’s guess, but when he DOES show, the building is being torn down, new cement poured (which will alleviate the flooding problem I have every time it rains) and new building put up.  It will be in the same spot, but it will feature some sliding glass (second hand) windows, corrugated iron walls (again second hand, but unused) and a nice screen door (again second hand!)  I think I have enough tiles left over from tiling the bathroom to do the floor!  that said, its never going to look like this….  laundry2   pretty-contemporary-laundry-room-design Budget allowing, I am wondering if I might get them to line the inner bottom half of the room with this mini orb…and I am sure I will be able to track down an old timber door (again second hand! there could be one hiding in our shed already possibly!) that I can turn into a bench top to go over the one small cabinet and set of draws I intend to purchase from the hardware store (you know those white flat pack things). I would dearly love a new sick, but the huge double stainless steel ones I have already will suffice, especially with a good scrub and a new stand built with for them.

family-beach-house-laundry-med I already have those cheap as chip galvanised steel shelves (remember the set that took me FOREVER to put together!) which small to medium sized plastic storage boxes can live on. Everything must have a lid or a door as open storage doesn’t work for me – I’m too messy for one, but this room is still a shed, with dust, spiders and other furry critters liking open boxes. Although I am hoping the screen door and screened sliding windows will keep the furry things at bay!

I would love to see your laundries!  If you post a laundry pic on your blog, leave me a link in the comments, and I just might share how truly rustic mine is! :-)

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  1. I'm going to go out and take a photo of my laundry right now ..... I'll email it to you!

  2. oooh I wouldn't dare put a pic up of my is a disaster zone! I would love a bigger lovely one, I am in love with my washing machine though (is that bad???) all socks that go in it come out again!

  3. I'm sure when your laundry is done it will make the task somewhat better. I don't think flooding floors is good for laundry or the person supposed to be doing the laundry but then it could be a good excuse NOT to do the laundry because it's actually flooded. It might work in your favour but I'd up for the upgrade too. (typo on your post...check where you meant to put "sink" and you put "sick" might need to change that bit.

  4. right...that is my goal for today...tidy my laundry...then I might post a a pic...not the before though :)
    love that second photo,,,i can gt mine a bit like it if i spend the day in there lol

  5. My laundry is SOOOOO rustic I would never show a photo of it to anyone. It is a good size though, and ripe for renovation!


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