Sunday, September 5, 2010

light hearted advice

I did this quick – and again paperless (my paper stash in both digital AND paper aren’t going to get any less with this sort of behavior!) for my husband.

ten things

Its a 12x12, so I will have to find a good printing place for these larger digi pages I am starting to amass.

Off to try and finish off that photo book that I have neglected, even though I want to be playing with my real supplies!  But I MUST get some things finished!

I am not sure if this will enlarge if clicked on (the one fault with windows live writer it seems).


  1. That is hilarious! Does he know that you put it out here for the whole wide world to see?????

  2. Too Funny - these men are all the same, no?

  3. you crack me up.......yes Amy has a good point. Too funny and I love your journalling with that flower picture.

  4. Love your page and totally agree, but our holiday shoes are work boots - the same ones that were in the cattle yards yesterday....

  5. Genius! Really, that´s too hilarious.


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