Friday, September 17, 2010

The Wedding

My computer is back!  Here are some quick favourites from the wedding I photographed last weekend.

330b 432 brightI can’t decide if I like the faded look or the nice and bright photos (some are more suited to one than the other).  Trying to get as much editing done as possible – but thankfully most of them require only just a little tweak here and there.

And here is an arty farty one: kinda appropriate for an old fashioned country wedding.

chan and ken wedding 511 As I weed through the photos, doing my second pass and editing as I go (first one binning the outright crappy ones) I am finding I am weaving a little photographic story.  I am always disappointed in myself in not getting ‘the perfect shot’ but when I see them as a whole, I am pleased that I have captured the feeling and personality of the day. 

Anyhow, I’ll feature more of my favourites and technical talk over at puddin n pie as I get some more editing and culling done!

Right now I have to chase a porky pig out of my garden.  I am afraid in my quest to get him quiet, he has become obsessed with me. or perhaps fixated on the fact that I am the one providing the tucker!

Pig post coming soon!


  1. I like both the faded look and the bright ones - super cute! You did a great job Sharon :-) The ring shot is great by the way.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the first one. You look so happy :)

  3. I love the arty farty one (of course) and hope you caught that pig!! (chuckling)


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