Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Eve of New Years Eve

turned out to be quite a busy day, well to start off with anyhow!

Taken from an email I sent to a friend describing my morning, which my husband read, laughed and said, "it sounds so different to what happened when you've written it like that! it didn't seem so....funny the time!"

"early wake up call from husband (who got up early to go to work) to "relocate all of these puppies" that our old dog Sally - yes in pup AGAIN,  the tart - just had.  So I stagger out with sleep in my eyes, and collect SIX just born - still wet and slimy (and green - overdue!) little puppies and put them and Sally in the shed instead of the mesh floored dog pen.  Wash my hands, and go back to bed where I am joined by the boy. Who cries because his dad left and didn't wake him up for milo.

We just get settled in and drift off to sleep, when the phone rings....its The Husband - "come and get me, I've broken down, something something radiator something something" So I dig all kids out of bed, round up a non leaking receptacle to hold 20L of water, as instructed, and drive 30kms down the road to find husband waiting on side of road.  He pours in water, it goes straight back out again (insert lots of swearing) and so attach snatch strap to both vehicles and I tow The Husband the 30kms back to our house.  at 75km per hour. Sorry no photos!

Kids inspect puppies on our return, "mum you can't count, you know there are EIGHT?!!"   umm, so I look and fair enough, she has produced another two since I relocated her. Well, I'll be...."

The rest of the day proceeded in a more or less normal fashion, except with the mornings fun I forgot to let out the neighbours milking cow until lunchtime, and OF COURSE we had a shower of rain, the only one for the day, when I was riding the motorbike down the flat behind the cow.

Here is some evidence to support the morning's activities:

_MG_5600 One proud mama dog, with her little pile of EIGHT puppies.  Anyone for a stumpy tailed cattle dog?

_MG_5604 (2)One slightly grumpy husband removing busted radiator from his ute. 

Oh, and one more thing:  one gappy toothed daughter, posing in a tree" Mum, take a picture of me like I am climbing the tree!"

_MG_5617 (2)_MG_5613And I just found this one, of the boy and his "Sand Pit Escalator" which was requested of Santa (aka escavator). Santa had to contract out to Dad to make it, as it was a special order! ;-)

And that has pretty much covered the fun of the past few days/week - apart from a little late night last night, bringing in the New Year with a small group of friends, playing Balderdash and laughing ourselves silly.

Happy 2011 everyone. Hopefully I will be feeling a little more vim and vigour tomorrow and get into the New Year with a lot more energy that what I am feeling today!


  1. I'm only going to comment once because I am exceedingly lazy ..... the 'escalator' is uber cool, the pups cute - try and keep them alive won't you ;-), love the mud pics, the pav pic, the toothy pic, the table pic and the books look good to me as well! Happy New Year dear friends of the north :-)

  2. Great pics and I love the toothless smile. *s* Precious. I would take a pup but I live too far away and I already have three dogs and hubby says no more til one of these passes on. :(
    Happy new year.

  3. Sharon, I'm pleased to have found you too. Will be sure to check in regularly, and wish you and yours a wonderful start to 2011.

  4. Wow, you lead such an exciting life!! Seriously, so such excitement here! If we lived closermy girls would love one of those puppies!!


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