Friday, January 28, 2011


A friend of ours was over himself with excitement when he gave the "kids" this new pet.  Husband is disappointed that it is not a pet that he can eat. (Pig Pig met a untimely end). Kids have yet to look after this new pet.

this new pet was called Daisy, until we realised that She was a He. Kids call it Woody, Husband calls it MiniPig.  Its funny, and catching.

Whatever the issues with his husbandry, he is quite endearing.

_MG_5691The cat, and the dogs in fact, are not convinced that he is NOT in fact a piebald rat, spend quite some time studying it intently every day.  MiniPig, I think, after initial heart palpitations, completely ignores their attentions.

That being said, he is quite fond of his little log home.

_MG_5700_MG_5703The boy child poking MiniPig in the bum, so I could take a photo of his little face peering out of his little hollow log. I can't explain the boy's facial expression, it honestly wasn't that big a deal!

Speaking of bums, who knew one small critter could produce so much, umm, manure?!  Or eat so much grass? or such a huge carrot in one sitting?  I had fears for the state of the strip grazed lawn (I move the cage to a fresh patch each day) but with the amount of droppings left in each site, I would say that the lawn will regenerate nicely, thank you very much.

He also likes watermelon, which is a good thing, as the kids apparently have gone off watermelon, just after I sliced up a whole half of one.

I am quietly pleased that this is an inedible pet, although the cat is always, optimistic.


  1. The J's squared are here looking and think that the mini-creature looks very cheeky ... I would say the young blondie is looking rather cheeky in this photo!

  2. They do eat a lot don't they! Easiest pet in the world though - my girls love their 'boys'.

  3. our guinea pig now lives free range in the backyard after not being returned to his cage one day, now the mini fox terrier & he cohabit very nicely! they are pretty hardy little animals. A friend of ours ate guinea pig in a spag bol served by an italian lady in melb, ours is so fat he would feed an entire family


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