Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help Needed

cute and inexpensive birthday gift ideas for daughters upcoming EIGHTH birthday.  Already purchased nintendo DS lite thing (plus a game and case), also have a nice "pearlie" book - some ideas for one or two other little girly things, please! (not including makeup, thank you!)

invite_top_half PS isn't this just gorgeous!  I know I've done the bunting thing before, but thought I would share this lovely take on the idea here, just in case you are also looking for inspiration!

And good news, have the cake for #8 sorted (well in my head anyhow) hopefully this year's won't be a contender for Cake Wrecks!


  1. Is she into cooking Sharon?
    Could you knock up a beautiful little girly apron?
    I always struggle with gift ideas, we've got a tenth coming up in a couple of weeks.

  2. Cute - love it Sharon!
    What about hair stuff, nice pencils and a blank drawing pad, puzzles, card games, clothing????

  3. I hear Smiggle is a great shop in relation to kiddies and their school supplies, it is the in stuff! One just opened here. Can post u some stuff? Love the invite, even the correct age, I know you didn't do these, but if I give you enough notice, I need 10 for said daughters 4th birthday (so in denial there - who let her get that old?) The DS was a big hit here, so will go down v well! xx

  4. Hi Sharon :)
    Thanks for linking me in your sidebar, you have a lovely blog :)
    Here are my ideas:
    A little sewing kit - needles, pins and some felt + embroidery cottons.
    A writing set and some stamps - because it's exciting to have your own stamps when you're little.
    Hair ties and clips
    Something nice for the bath.
    An embroidery kit - I'm doing this for my little girl's birthday: some embroidery cotton, a packet of the little floss winders and a plastic tub to keep them in.
    Skipping rope or a new ball.
    A special cactus plant of her own.
    Oh yes, I agree with Sharon too - Smiggle!

    Cheers, Melx


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