Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Day of School 2011

_MG_5750As dodgy photos go, this one is a winner, but still it captures the first day of the school year.  I wanted them all together to keep an eye on their comparative heights from each first day to the next.

And I so badly want to cut the girls hair back to nice bobs, especially the oldest, but they want to have "long hair".


  1. awwwww ... they are growing up very quickly!

    Happy Birthday to the 8 year old! :-)

  2. Cute photo of the kids on day 1. I love the "comparision" photo shots it's the only way to realize they grow up before your very eyes. Love the birthday cake and I could picture the kitchen bench and the broken piggy bank...AND they wonder why they don't listen to us....had to use the "I told you so"....BUT....looks like it all went very well regardless of your trying moments. Kathy

  3. They all look so much bigger. Hope they enjoyed first day. We go back next week, or start in our case. Hope Miss Eight has a splendid day! xx

  4. not so shabby at it!!!

  5. ooh, thanks for the idea - I'll have to snap this same pose tomorrow!

  6. It's a great photo Sharon. My Day 1 photo's so shabby I haven't even put it on the blog! There's always one doing a crazy face.
    (Just quietly I think your little boy's going to be a big strong man by the look of him).


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