Friday, January 7, 2011

summer fun

An outing last Sunday:  could have stayed there for hours. Kids had a ball.  I took a few snaps, and then put the camera away and then plonked myself down.  It was just GORGEOUS.



And although it looked muddy in the photo, the water was clean (the water in this creek is always "stained" from the red dirt it runs through.

One way to wear em out!

The next day, we had another play date, at another creek, with their little cousin.

_MG_5663 You've seen this creek before, we've had several outing there in 2010, and more to come before school starts again I am sure! The water was about waist deep on the kids, in the photo they are sitting on the causeway.

Once again, I took a few snaps, and then put it away.  And paddled up stream, where I then instructed my second daughter to tow me back, while I floated behind her resting on a noodle. I do believe she found every rock to drag me across, by the wicked giggles coming from her.

Good times.


  1. I'm about to get wet again - swimming is the best way to tire them isn't it? They all look like they are having a great time!

  2. thats it...Amy and I are heading up!!!
    looks so cool

  3. Funny. I do marvel at the amount of laundry you must do, as your children so often seem to be in flowing water with their normal clothes on! And I am loving the red rock and the white gum tree trunks in the background of the first photo. Very Arthur Boyd like! Want to paint.

  4. Certainly looks familiar Sharon!
    Nothing says Summer like days in the creek or dam!
    I'm starting to feel a little distressed that we only have two weeks of holidays left.


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