Monday, January 31, 2011

The office

After our office remodelling of sorts this time last year, I was so happy to have it done that I didn't really get things quite how I wanted, or even know how I wanted to have them.

After twelve months to dwell on the matter, and armed with my cobweb broom (yegads, its a wonder the spiders hadn't carted me away) I had decided what I needed to do.  I needed to take OUT a shelf.  I KNOW, take OUT a shelf? but yes it needed to happen.  The husband had gotten carried away, slotted in another shelf as he had the timber and the brackets, but it was a very useless shelf, but immensely useful for making things disappear or make you forget you owned them.

I forgot (der) to take a proper BEFORE shot. It was pretty sad, take my word for it.

_MG_5681This was half way through. And you can't even see where I removed the shelf!  (it was up higher)

This, ahh, is after.

_MG_5690all togehterI spliced together this photo of the set up  - exceedingly hard to photograph.  Bits of it still look messy (like the mail and bills over there on the left, but are now in hand tidyly, and the cords and stuff on the right, but a far improvement. And as for that shelf, well there was one there above those boxes - second shelf up - and I couldn't fit A4 folders or the like on that shelf. I can now - see the far right.  And having those folders there makes SO much more sense for me, I can reach them easily rather than lean over my desk to get them, which means things are more likely to go away.

The little white basket thing above my screen is the "mail basket" where all of the letters etc to be posted or go "somewhere" (ie bank) go. If something is put there, it's there for an important reason.

can anyone spot my new toy  - not office related - on the shelves?


  1. Looks lovely Sharon, can you come help my office, it's looking very ordinary after it's last tidy up. And is it the little printer thingy? Do tell?

  2. Would that be the little die-cutting machine?

    I think you need to come down and organise us - we have stuff everywhere!

  3. Nice make over...and love the green!!!

  4. Great job! I agree, sometimes too many shelves is a bad thing! Thanks for sharing!


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