Saturday, January 1, 2011

A review

of the lead up to Christmas and its festivities:

_MG_5480 _MG_5483 _MG_5486There was/has been/IS a fair bit of this going on. And a lot of hosing of little muddy bodies out on the lawn before entering house precincts, and a fair bit of soaking muddy clothes in nappisan.

But seeing as it keeps em busy and happy and out from under my feet, I don't mind so much!

_MG_5499 (2) 

Quite a lot of present wrapping (with Santa's gifts being wrapped and presented in a totally different way to all of the others!) (that tag was glittery silver on the other side...cute!)

_MG_5521 (2) Setting the scene for our friends and family on Christmas Eve.

IMG_5550 The kids all gathered around the tree ready for the second round of present opening (we were mean and let them open a few each, and then they had to have breakfast and get dressed.  All before 8am!)

_MG_5569And no we didn't have this for breakfast, although it did feature on the menu a little later in the day! and boy was it good.IMG_5575 And when everyone went home, the boy played with his dad and the new set of kid sized cattle yards that his dad made for him. (and the boy also lined all of his new tractors up just so).

_MG_5580And I considered which one to read first on Boxing Day!

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  1. Your Christmas looks lovely, and Happy New year to you all. Wish I had a good book to read right now - should have put that on my Chrissy list!!


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