Tuesday, January 3, 2012

another year over

and a new one begun...and although I have the new diary out, more out of necessity than feeling like a page has turned, it pretty much feels like just the same old same old.

Except I have realised, with despair, that we have only three short weeks left of our school holidays. I think we've been robbed, where has the time gone?!

But in an attempt to give myself a recap of the year that was and look forward with bright eyes and a refreshed mind (note to self: resolution: go to bed earlier!) here follows a no so little slideshow of 2011....warning - it goes for 9:57 - either I take too many photos or it really was a whopper of a year.

Here we go....

and if that doesn't work, you might be able to see it directly on you tube (the only way I know how to get a movie on here) HERE.

Tomorrow brings a funeral for us, sad but also a celebration of a life well lived, and something to to inspire and aspire to.

Happy New Year everyone, may 2012 be inspiring and wonderful for you all.


  1. BRILLIANT...and OMG I guessed it would be this song...
    Heres Cheers to a great 2012 xx

  2. I just loved that Sharon. What a year! Sally watched it with me and provided a great commentary. She commented that you look like a bunch of bushies, and you do a lot of the same stuff as us. (Just on a bigger scale I think). Sorry that you're starting the year with a funeral ... we didn't know him personally, but I do know the name and can picture him in my mind. So sad for those left behind. Sometimes it does help put things in perspective. Here's to a wonderful 2012, with hopefully a whole lot more rain on the way, and hopefully a lot less fires at the end of it. I'm hopeful this may be the year we actually meet!

  3. I had tears watching this it's brilliant!


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