Sunday, January 15, 2012

just what I need to do

home from a weekend looking at cows bums and getting dusty, dirty, then more than a little damp and muddy down at the prickle farm, all of which I will share more of soon.

But first I just want to share THIS, which is just the idea I need.

School year papers & memorabilia organization

The full details can be found HERE on Pinterest. Considering my current filing system of artwork and school work consist of one semester of Kate's prep year (she is now about to start year four) going into a binder and the rest tossed in a box, along with all and anything of Georgie's from the past two years, this could well be the perfectly simple solution.

One large plastic file box per child. School photos, reports (photocopied) artwork - that fits in the box and is flat, otherwise is photographed, etc. Easy to set up, easy to store, easy to put away.

And luckily, I just happen to be heading past an officeworks/big w later this week so I can procure at least ONE plastic file box to get me started, while the idea is in my head and enthusiasm reasonably high. You know me, I am normally an ideas woman and not so much on the follow-through-actually-DO-IT sort! ;-)

And slightly digressing, but still on a sort of similar topic, I don't know about you (it may be a conditioned thing for someone raised/living in the bush where rain or lack thereof can make or break?) but whenever we get some decent rain, and a break from the heat, I find myself refreshed and inspired again.

As now I am obviously rambling and tired from the weekends adventures, including The Branding of The Calves, I will leave you and return again, soonish, at which time I hopefully do not ramble, use poor punctuation and grammar, and make some sense! ;-)


  1. WOW! That looks like a great idea. I might have to look into that for storing the kids artworks. I like to keep them until later in the year and let the parents decide what to keep from the year. The kids love going through old artworks and seeing how their style has changed.

  2. Looks far too organised for me. I have the kids trained now, that on their way out of school with arms overfilled with a year full of treasures, they do a wheelie-bin walk-by and deposit most of it there before even exiting the school gate. Harsh I know, but a hoarder I am not.
    Pleased that you would have had a cooler weekend for branding. Nearly an inch here yesterday in a day of drizzle. Perfect conditions for name-tagging, hemming (and sooking).
    Looking forward to a branding report.

  3. Looks like a good solution, if you have the space. :) When I lived in a hot country abroad, I loved the very rare refreshing drizzle days too!

  4. Great idea. We are starting to homeschool next week (yr 3 & 4) and have been trying to sort through paperwork since they started holding a pencil/paintbrush (yes I am a hoarder and sentimentalist).


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