Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the great sock search of twenty twelve

also subtitled, the great jocks search for a boy who doesn't wear them as a rule at home so how could they possibly go missing?!

So, of course all this means that school has started for the year again up here in the north, after a long summer holiday that didn't actually FEEL that long.

I broke the you-don't-need-a-new-lunchbox mandate when I saw these practical bits of cleverness at Target the other day. Of course Kmart, which I visited shortly thereafter, had them in stripes and spots and other lovely patterns but I console myself with the thought that these are ever so more practical at hiding the dirt.

1327186944497what I like about these, is that there is ample room for a sandwhich container, yoghurt, container of biscuits, a WHOLE piece of fruit and room to spare for icepack, poppa or small waterbottle. I have always had issues with trying to fit a whole bit of fruit in a lunchbox.

We also added these to take to school:

2012-01-22 09.07.20I'll let you work out who belongs to which.

So the first day of school they rose bright and early, to the soothing sounds of the generator running.  The power had gone off with a string of wild storms around 8pm the night before, so at daylight we started the generator to keep the fridges and freezers cold. This also meant I could have my coffee and toast, as long as I used each appliance one at a time. The kids were ready for school in record time - I wonder how long that will last?

The obligatory first day photos....

IMG_2130Despite my telling him he was my baby and too little for school (please ignore the un-ironed shorts, I didn't feel like stressing the generator for something so trivial! and the tattoo his sister put on his neck) he was only too happy to scamper off to school with his sisters. I went along too, to fill out the 1001 forms required, and I don't think I even got a 'bye mum' let alone a kiss!


IMG_2129IMG_2136and yet another sterling shot for the album, they really were excited even if they didn't show it.

And the first day of school, on their return? Good. What did you do? Stuff.

It might be another year, but some things never change. Like just where are those bloody socks.


  1. Ahhh, they are so grown up! I bought one of those stripey lunch bags for myself and a certain young miss down here has the spotty water bottle ... I am not sure how long it will last though, her brother manages to dent them silly before the end of first term.

    A great start to the year Sharon!

    PS If the power went out here on the first day of school I would probably freak out!

  2. They look very excited about going back to school. Sienna was fully dressed including shoes and socks by 6am.... we went with the new lunch boxes and water bottles as well which according to James and Sienna are awesome.


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