Thursday, January 26, 2012

retail therapy, the bargain way

I've had two trips to the city in a very short time frame (each of them an eight hour round trip, and the road didn't get any shorter on the way home the second time) for dental appointments, and I found myself without much on The List**, and time to wander and look.

** The List: when you live far from the shops, like big w and target etc, or any other city sort of retail place that one does not see in regional areas (even truck parts shops and the like for the male shopper) , one keeps a list of things that need to be purchased next time you get there. It could be a long time between visits, so The List can get rather long.

I picked up a few little things at bargain. post Christmas, back to school, sale prices.

IMG_2145Like these glittery christmas decorations for under 30 cents each. I forsee a green theme around the tree this year ;-)

2012-01-22 09.12.03Like these bright tea towels which go well in my blue and cream with a splash of red, kitchen.

2012-01-22 09.15.04 Like these bright and colourful (although without any red) placemats for $3, which didn't seem such a bargain when I got home and realised that the set of 8 was counting the (useless to me) coasters. Our table seats 6, but at least I have enough to set under the plates of the messy eaters in this house!


Like these supremely comfy (although NOT the real deal by any stretch of the imagination) shoes for five bucks which are JUST what I needed to wear around the house and for ducking into town to take the kids for swimming lessons. And let not my puffy post travelling feet put you off, they would probably look quite stunning on a set of legs less fence-postish than mine ;-)!



so with time to kill between appointments, and no where to rush off to, the kids and I had a lovely time poking about and looking at things (scanning items at the price checking stations being GREAT entertainment, not to mention also good for rusty mathematics skills!) The kids each found a small book each that they were allowed to purchase with their pocket money.

Oh, one more thing:

1326945720100A site that is becoming all too familiar.

I do have to say, I really am in no rush to head back to the city shops any time soon, although we already have another appointment booked for three weeks time. Fun times!


  1. You did find some bargains didn't you, though I've never been able to come at buying Xmas decorations eleven months before the big event! (Possibly my shortage of storage space has something to do with that).
    Sorry I missed yesterday's post, the back-to-school photos are priceless... I have'nt been able to bring myself to do it this year, still feel there should be an extra one in there. Been some quavering voiced phonecalls from my big girl yesterday and this morning. She's tough though and will be fine. (I have to keep telling myself this).
    Happy Australia Day.

  2. C'mon, you just like shopping ... tell the truth!!!! I'm with Fiona, Christmas decorations 11 months before the big day will never happen here - hats off to you!

    Happy Australia Day!


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