Friday, January 13, 2012

the other day

I made the girl clean their room (again). They can have their room go from reasonably tidy to disaster zone in a very short period, and it had gone beyond that, with all sorts of stuff kicked under beds and stuffed where it shouldn't be.

I dumped it all the middle and told them to sort, put away and purge. If they didn't do it, I would, and my purging is far more stringent than theirs.

IMG_2002Yep, what an awful mess. And what was bugging me was that outstanding and classy little drawer stand there on the back wall, with its lovely pine colour (don't look at the cupboard, a far bigger project than I am willing to undertake right now). While they took aggggessss to tidy that mess there on the floor, I decided to give that bit of furniture a makeover.

I regretted the impulse the second I opened the paint tin, the paint going on it worth more than the bit of furniture. But like all things it had to get worse before it got better, and thankfully paint was drying in just minutes in our awful heat.

IMG_2003  IMG_2004



It was the quickest job and not one that was done with 100 percent enthusiasm, but now, after a few coats on the important bits, looks much better and hopefully might wear a little better too.

IMG_2010It houses all sorts of (sorted and organised of course) treasure, and two wooden boxes that they mosiac'ed at  school which also hold various girly treasures.(some of which you and I might call CRAP, but I digress)

So now I am reasonably pleased that I DID paint it, even though I remembered as soon as I opened the tin and painted my first stroke of paint on the thing that I don't really like painting!

The girls managed to have their room tidy by around 3pm that day. It took them the best part of the day, even though it should have only taken an hour or so. Hopefully they will remember the pain and not let it get so messy again...but I am not holding my breath!

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  1. A worthwhile project! Looks as if your dedication to their room has rubbed off :). Envying you the heat ...


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